IT Training

We offer Private or Group Tuition tailored to your needs.

If you want to learn on your own PC or laptop contact us and we can arrange for this. 

We can help you work through the Microsoft Digital Literacy Certificate Curriculum. Too shy, embarrassed or busy to attend group courses? 

We can arrange for private tuition for you, or you and a friend, structured for what you want to do, and need to know to do it, on your own computer.

We will come to you and work with you on your own computer.

Cannot work out how to use your banks internet site? 
Cannot access the government website to access local information? 
We can help you with our confidential training service. We can come to you and lead you through the processes so that you can become confident in using your computer to access the services you need.

Do you have relatives living in distant lands? Never get to see them. We can help you set up Skype, video conferencing so you can not only talk to your grand-children but see them grow up, all throught the power of the internet.

Our Standard Group Courses

Our IT Training Services include the following courses:

  • Basic IT for the Beginner - Using Internet and Email
  • Basic IT for the Beginner - Using Microsoft Word and Powerpoint
  • Basic IT for Beginners - introduction to Spreadsheets.
  • Basic IT for Beginners - introduction to Desk Top Publishing.
  • Basic IT for the Beginner - Using LibreOffice Writer and Impress
  • Basic IT for the Beginner - Stay in Touch with distant relatives using Skype.
  • Intermediate/Advanced - Using Google Online Applications
  • Intermediate/Advanced - Creating and running Websites using Google Sites,
  • Intermediate - Microsoft Office Products: Using Word, Powerpoint and Excel.
  • Intermediate - Maintaining Your DNS Records
  • Intermediate - Using SQL Server Query Language to select and update data.
  • Intermediate - Business Report Creation using Crystal Reports 2011 and SQL 2008,
  • Administering Moodle and Fronter Virtual Learning Environments
  • Intermediate - Understanding and Using Open Source Software
  • Intermediate - Setting up and maintaining wireless networks,
  • Intermediate - Introduction to Network security,
  • We also offer the following services and consultancy
  • Advanced - Email architecture design and implementation,
  • Advanced - Email domain integration and migration,
  • Advanced - Integrating multiple domains
  • Advanced - configuring your network boundaries
  • Advanced - Microsoft Office Macro programming.

Bespoke In-House Tailored Solutions

We also offer beskpoke in-house training for in-house developed systems on request.