Grove80 Ltd
Company, Group and Individual 
ICT Training, Advice and Contracting

Welland, Worcestershire.  

We supply a whole range of IT and Community training from home visit one-to-one, or Zoom/Teams/Meet etc, to on-site company and group instruction tailored to your needs. 

Specialists in Open Source Freeware: LibreOffice/OpenOffice, Skype, Audacity, GIMP 
                                                                   and Windows, Linux and  Android Operating Systems

Do you need help:
  • setting up your computer or network?
  • creating a website? 
  • creating and using a new email address? 
  • Having difficulty setting up or  running a committee ? 
  • Don't understand the manual for your digital camera or phone ? 
  • Want to be more effective helping your child with their maths and science homework ?
  • reducing your energy use?
We can help with experienced tutors and contractors.


Telephone: 07 434 434 045