Family Learning

What is Family Learning?

Family Learning courses support mothers/fathers to understand their child's school curriculum, encourage them to engage with their child’s learning and update their own skills

Family Science

Developed in collaboration with Blackpool Council Adult, Community and Family Learning this course has proved popular with schools, parents and children.

Parents or grandparents are helped to understand the Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculum that their children are learning at school so they can assist their children's study. The Adults are encouraged to become more involved in assisting their children with their school work. 

Through looking at the science of the garden, the playground, and the toy box, and the kitchen, we encourage families to discover the application of science to their everyday lives, so enhancing their understanding. The activities used are designed so that they can be continued at home after the sessions. Worksheets are provided to guide the parent and to help with numeracy and literacy.

The course is 5 weeks of 2 hour sessions. During the first hour of each session the Tutor works with the parents, introducing the topics and activities for the week. For the second hour the children join their adult and the adults teach the children, assisted by the tutor, with some tutor led demonstrations but mainly with hands-on activities. 


We have also run one or half a day day workshops for Parents and children on:

  • Kite Making
  • Egg Drop
  • Cars, Boats, and Planes
  • Making Paper Aeroplanes
  • Rock-pooling