About Us

Grove80 Ltd was formed by Mark Ramsden in 2006 after working for over 20 years in the IT sector for major UK charities and FTSE top 250 companies. Grove80 have continued to assist commercial organisations, charities, community groups and individuals to improve their IT skills and make a presence on the web. 

We have also helped community groups make  their organisation more effective through our Committee Skills Courses, and have worked with mental health, and other service user groups to improve their service users' basic skills, confidence and self-esteem.

Our Tutors have worked with parents and children together in our innovative Family Science Classes developed with Blackpool Council, and have taught people how to take and edit photographs.

Safe and Enjoyable and Personalised Training

We aim to provide safe, enjoyable learning for you, tailored to what YOU want and need. 

We have experienced Adult and Community Teaching Staff with over 25 years of commercial IT experience to draw on. 

We treat each and every learner as an individual. Each session is tailored to our learners' needs and abilities to make the learning experience as welcoming, enjoyable and effective as possible.

Our tutors are not haughty, looking down on their learners and making them feel small. They want to help people enjoy their time learning and help them get the most out of their investment in us.

We do not only train in Information Technology

Whether it be help with understanding or using your computersetting up your home or office networkreducing your energy usagerunning your voluntary organisation, or improving your ability to help your child with Maths or Science homework, or learning how to use that new digital camera you have just bought, or editing the photographs you have taken, we have tutors with the practical experience to help you with your learning.